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For the needs of our client, CARSAT Hauts-de-France, our team designed and set up a hybrid board game to raise awareness on occupational accidents.

Risk Hour was born from this project.


CARSAT Hauts-de-France(Pension Insurance and Health at Work Fund) is a private organisation with a public service mission which consists of 3 components:

  • occupational risk prevention pensions
  • pensions : informing policyholders, preparing and paying pensions
  • social service: supporting policyholders in difficulty, preventing and managing the loss of autonomy, preventing professional withdrawal

CARSAT prevention professionals help and advise companies in their occupational accident and disease prevention approaches, based on a diversified range of services: training, financial assistance, documentation, advice, expertise, metrology, online tools, and others.


With this in mind, they launched a tender on the following topic: “Escape Game board game” with the aim of training personnel in occupational accidents.

The “Risk Hour” training Escape game is an innovative tool that complements the range of services provided. This hybrid game is intended for businesses and higher education institutions.


There were several requirements in terms of awareness raisingand prevention:


  • Instructional design: the approach of the players needed to be optimised. The player had to be able to identify the causes of the accident in order to address them.
  • Game engineering: mutual assistance needed to be promoted among the different players. Competition was to be excluded. The approach needed to be collaborative!
  • Game design: The game needed to be designed around potential targets and make people want to play. Interactivity was key.


After a detailed audit of the project and its constraints and needs, our team identified several objectives (in terms of raising awareness, preventionand training) in order to match the project closely with the client’s requirements.

Objective no. 1 was to script the educational content to make it fun and engaging, promoting the involvement of players. To script this content, we had to consider many factors such as the target, interactivity and the programme.

The objectives were to:

  • raise employee awareness regarding occupational accidents,
  • promote commitment of players to the experience,
  • favour a team spirit,
  • encourage reflection after the experience.

Indeed, the player had to understand that behind every occupational accident, there is a potentially resolvable issue.

We built the experience around the message by implementingdynamic and engaging game dynamics to offer a fun experience with genuine educational issues.

What we did

Our team produced a multi-device hybrid board game without data .

Each player uses their smartphone to play and take the role of a character.

These characters are employed in a business where an accident has occurred. The players, through their characters, are required to investigate the circumstances of the accident by compiling records that will convince management to make changes necessary to prevent further accidents.

carte personnage
carte personnage
carte personnage
carte personnage

The central game board illustrates the different rooms of the business. Players can move their character and take action in each corresponding room. In order to promote team cohesion, each character performs actions and provides different information, encouraging players to discuss the issues throughout the game.

Players need to collect as many clues on the causes of the accident in order to present the right conclusions and solutions to their management. The clues are symbolised by points that will be accumulated until the end of the game. Some clues are false leads and give negative points to players.

The combination of all these points give them their final score that can be compared on a general scale.

screen du jeu
screen du jeu

Risk Hour takes participants to an immersive cooperative experiencewhose purpose is to analyse an occupational accident as a team to define causes and corrective actions and thus avoid the occurrence of another accident. This game helps to understand the basic mechanisms contributing to a relevant analysis.

The Team

For this project, we set up a team of 5 who worked in partnership with the dedicated CARSAT Hauts-de-France team:

  • 1 scriptwriter-game designer
  • 1 technical manager
  • 1 developer
  • 1 illustrator
  • 1 project manager

Production Date

Since February 2020 to May 2021

Our tools

Illustrator, Indesign, Rôle 20, Virtual Studio Code, Git


Game design, développement (ReactJS), ingénierie pédagogique, illustration & impression