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For the needs of our client, SKF, the world leader in mechanical bearings, our team created a serious game: The Safety Challenge.


Dans le cadre d’un challenge sécurité sur toute la France, la SKF a sollicité notre équipe pour réaliser unserious game sécurité afin de sensibiliser aux accidents du travail sur un site industriel d’envergure.

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The requirements defined in advance with the dedicated SKF team, were to:

  • create an educational experience in order to raise awareness about occupational accidents
  • set up educational tools promoting employee involvement
  • show and raise awareness on everyday hazardous situations

After reviewing the project, the involvement of instructional design and game engineering, our team was able to imagine and implement aserious game: The Safety Challenge.


The objectives

We defined the project objectives in order to implement all relevant educational tools:

  • From fun to educational: that is the very principle of a serious game, creating a so-called “serious” game by meeting specific educational objectives.
  • Promoting the involvement of participants by creating a challenge and team cohesion. In a serious game, it is necessary to develop tools that promote the involvement of participants such as reward or success levels.


For this project, its challenges, objectives and constraints, our team developed a serious game: The Safety Challenge. This involved 6 challenges to be won, spread over six months based on raising awarenessabout occupational accidents.

The game was open to all and the teams consisted of 4 to 8 people. The emulation and sharing of information promoted team spirit within the company. The challenge promoted the involvement of participants.

The 6 challenges were based on specific themes around accidents that may occur in the workplace such as best safety practices, ergonomics, handling, and others. Puzzles had to be solved before unlocking the next. After these challenges, the winning team won a visit to an SKF site or an exemplary site in terms of safety.

To complete the challenge, our team developed an LMS (Learning Management System) platform so that teams could participate and challenge each other throughout the year on the topic of occupational safety.

SCREEN ÉCRAN 6 challenges

The LMS has allowed teams to register, organise and compete in monthly challenges, discover their score and receive prizes at the end of each month. Administrators had access to the back office in order to send challenges periodically and to allocate scores.

Our multiple skills enabled us to offer a complete package around the challenge:


  • Setting up of the game design (design of the platform, internal and external communications media),
  • Production of a launch teaser,
  • Printing of a booklet summarising the actions for the platform administrators.

Production Date

Launch in January 2019

Our tools

WordPress, Premier Pro, Illustrator


Web development, video editing, graphics, instructional design