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MAIF came to us to design and implement a project for an immersive and educational project, complementing its MAIF Digital Tours.

DATACLEANER, a virtual reality video game resulted from this project.


As part of the MAIF Digital Tourand its associated village, our client wanted to develop a new virtual reality experience while optimising its staging in the village.

The MAIF Digital Tour consisted of a digital mobile space in a lorry and a digital village set up next to it. It offered immersive experiences to promote collective awareness of the opportunities and risks provided by digital technology.

This virtual reality experience project was grafted onto the “Mes Datas et Moi” (“My Data and Me”) campaign that raises public awareness about digital uses, internet privacy, cyber security, digital health, and other related issues.

logo Maif Réalité virtuelle

To provide the fun and educational content and to allow users to question their own experience and make them aware of their own digital uses, MAIF wanted to set up an immersive and educational experience that would be included in their existing set-up.


TheDATACLEANER project called on all the skills of our team. The needs were therefore broken down into the following areas:

  • Game Design and implementation of the Virtual Realityexperience: finding new fun and engaging game mechanisms in order to complement the existing virtual reality offer.
  • From fun to educational: scripting work for the game experience to make users aware of the issues of digital use.
  • Expertise and feedback for implementation: offering an innovative solution for easy transport and installation of the experience in the lorry but also in the digital village.


inspirations graphiques du projet


After a detailed audit of the needs and requirements of our client, we defined the essential objectives for the successful completion of this project. We were thus able to proposeinnovative and customised solutions, to meet these goals.

The objectives were to:

  • Raising user awareness about the power they have over their data: it is not stolen, but transferred with the user’s consent
  • Promote the involvement of the target and convey an educational message

The goal was to build an experience around the message and not vice versa. For that, our team worked on the development of simple but dynamic gameplay mechanisms to deliver an immersive and, above all, educational gaming experience.



Our team scripted the project to offer an immersive and educational experience designed to raise the awareness of the target in the protection of its digital data.

A person has downloaded too many applications in recent weeks. Due to the amount of data they have given to create different accounts, they receive a vast number of spam ads.

They therefore decide to take matters in hand and use a Data Cleaner to launch digital projectiles.


The experience was rolled out as follows: the user played a VR shooting game with the aim of preventing their data from going to third parties and securing its content.

screen de l'expérience


For this project, we set up a team of 5 who worked in partnership with the dedicated MAIF team:

  • 1 scriptwriter-game designer
  • 1 technical manager
  • 1 developer
  • 1 illustrator
  • 1 project manager


utilisateur d'un casque réalité virtuelle

Production Date

Since February 2020 to May 2021

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Illustrator, Indesign


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