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Members of the EDUCNUM Collective, with the city of Poitiers, decided to take action and launched, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Youth, the first EDUCNUM days, organised by the CNIL, the VYV group and Anaé.

Against this backdrop, our team created an educational escape game: Les Gardiens du Numérique (The Digital Guardians).


The client asked our agency to create an escape game and an immersive experience adapted to its target, i.e. all members of the same family, responding to their issues and educational goals.


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The Les Gardiens du Numérique (The Digital Guardians) project called on all the skills of our team. The needs were therefore broken down into the following areas:


  • Game Design and the production of the escape game: finding the fun and educational mechanisms of the game to raise awareness of the target group.


  • From fun to educational: a script was draftedso that the experience would raise player’s awareness on their “digital citizenship” (controlling their use of social media, caring for their e-reputation and learning to configure their various accounts).



The objectives were defined before the project with the dedicated team to create an experience that closely matched our client’s expectations and needs.

The main objective was to propose an educational escape game and an entirely new and immersive experience, adapted to the target, and meeting the following issues:

  • How to protect privacy and personal data on the internet?
  • How to develop a critical mind to counter fake news?
  • How to protect your online reputation?

Families needed to resolve these issues together, while having fun! With the aim of raising their awareness of their digital uses.


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“Knowing how to control your use of social networks, caring for your e-reputation and learning to configure your accounts are the condition to be a true “digital citizen””.

The day in Poitiers aims to raise awareness on all these issues not only in children but also their families and educational professionals.

This is an important step for the Collective that wishes to take this opportunity to strengthen its visibility and demonstrate its leading role in digital citizenship education actions. For the Collective and the CNIL, learning “digital common sense” is a priority. And what better than the family, school and a game to develop a digital citizenship education at any age? This is the challenge of these EDUCNUM DAYS!”

Marie-Laure Denis, Président of the EDUCNUM Collective and President of CNIL

What we did

For the Educnum days, our team produced an escape gameand a print’n play version adapted to secondary schools.

The experience was hosted in a setting specially reserved for the occasion and was played on an ANDROID touch tablet. Players were required to solve 4 missions. Each mission required tools available in each room of the headquarters.

The Digital Guardians are superheroes tasked with protecting citizens against hackers. From their HQ, they intervene whenever users are threatened by cyber attacks.

While they are away on holiday, the players’ mission is to replace them. This is precisely the moment BlackHat has chosen to launch several cyber attacks…

Players had 30 minutes to outmanoeuvre BlackHat and help the targeted families.

Cyber harassment, fake news, connected data, micro payments, etc. were the subjects covered in this escape game which combined virtual and reality through physical elements, a tablet application and augmented reality.

An intuitive interface allowed players to track their progress, scan the various targets in augmented reality,interact with the protagonists, complete mini-games, and consult the information collected. Each mission focused on a particular theme, lasting a maximum of 10 minutes and taking place in 4 rooms fully decorated by the Arkham Studio team.

Production Date

May to September 2019

Our tools

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, XD


Mobile development – Scriptwriting– Gamification – Augmented Reality – Illustration – UI/UX – Art Direction